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A law practice that isn’t on a social media platform might as well be invisible to anyone under 40. Blogs, social media, video, and podcasts are where people turn to when they need information.

Unfortunately there are mountains of garbage advice on these topics. People create farcical versions of themselves to prey on unsuspecting lawyers. I’ll help you cut through the crap.

“Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter, oh my!”

Why Should I Care About My Online Reputation?

One of the first things you need to do as a professional is begin to build a “digital moat” around your online name and reputation. All it takes is one bad review or bitter client to put you in a bad spot. Suddenly anyone who searches for you thinks you’re a bad lawyer. But if you’ve taken the time to build and grow your online reputation, then you don’t have as much to worry about. 

Awhile ago I spoke with AttorneySync CEO Gyi Tsakalakis about the basic preventive measures you should take in order to protect your name online.

Here is a quick list, watch the video for details.

  1. Buy a domain with some version of your name.
  2. Build a website on the domain. This does not have to be robust, a one-pager will do.
  3. Register accounts on the three major social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. 
  4. In the social media profiles you create, link to your domain.
  5. If your law firm has a website with some solid authority/ranking, makes sure your personal profile page is robust.
  6. Claim basic profiles on lawyer registry/review sites.
  7. If there are pictures of you on the web (social media profiles, headshots on your website or firm page), make sure you are properly labeled. “Jane Doe” not IMGDR4385.JPG.
  8. Be present online – blog, be active on social media, write for a totally separate publication.

But How Do I Get Noticed?

The above steps will make sure you’re at least protecting yourself online. But they’re not going to help you stand out online. That’s an entirely different ball game. 

95% of people holding themselves out as online media gurus/mavens/experts are snake oil salesmen. They’re taking advantage of people who want to get noticed. But people are misinformed and get taken advantage of by the “gurus” out there. Don’t be one of them. 

I have a big project coming on this front, but it’s not ready yet. In the meantime, you can start learning about how to stand out online below. 

Navigating Online Media

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