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How To Get Disbarred In 5 Easy Steps!

With some regularity, some pretty funny stuff occurs in the legal world. Like the time I found the best courtroom transcript of all time. THIS IS THE BEST COURTROOM TRANSCRIPT OF ALL TIME. — Keith Lee (@associatesmind) June 22, ...

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How To Leave A Law Firm

Last week a lawyer contacted me and posed the following question: If I opened my own practice in January what are my obligations to my clients? Can I take the files with me automatically? I’m pretty close to opening my own ...

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What Is More Important Than Winning?

Lost among all the other news of the past month, a story slipped through the cracks that deserves recognition. A story about the integrity of Spanish runner Ivan Fernandez Anaya.  Two weeks ago, on December 2, Spanish athlete Iván Fernández ...

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President Lincoln On Practicing Law

Surprisingly, Slate managed to highlight something interesting this week in their new history blog. Notes from the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, likely in preparation for a lecture to be given to a congregation of new lawyers. The ...

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Taking the Oath

  I’ve taken an Oath before, when I first swore in as an attorney. This week, I took a second one: I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of ...

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MLK Day – From Birmingham

Normally I take my son to his early school in the suburbs during the week. But he’s been sick this weekend with a fever so I took him downtown to my wife’s hospital this morning to stay in their on-site ...

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