Associate’s Mind is run by me, Keith Lee, to help you learn about law, technology, and business. All in an effort to help you be a better lawyer.


My Story

Where It All Started

My last year of law school was in 2010. It was just about the worst time in history to become a new lawyer (though I was oblivious to it when I enrolled in 2007 like so many others). I was going to law school at night, while working 50 hours a week. Oh, and my wife and I had just had a baby. At the same time, the legal industry was cratering. 

That’s when I decided to learn as much as I could about being a better lawyer.


How Associate’s Mind Began

The realization that came to me during this time was that I couldn’t wait around for things to happen. I needed to create my own opportunities. Creating a blog to outline my professional development, building relationships, developing a reputation and growing a community were all things I needed to do in order to be a better lawyer.


When I started Associate’s Mind back in 2010, my goal was simple: share what worked (and didn’t) in helping me become a better lawyer. Over the years it’s become much easier to find advice on law, technology, and business. There are gurus, coaches, and consultants everywhere. And most of what they offer is either two inches deep or smoke & mirrors. 

What’s difficult to find is depth and actionable advice that provides real value to people. 

And so I built Associate’s Mind around the idea of delivering exactly that. 

Awards & Recognition

Since starting Associate’s Mind years ago, I’ve been fortunate enough to receive recognition and awards from a variety of sources, along with being featured in media outlets around the globe.


ABA Best Selling Book

Legal Citations

ABA Web 100 Awards

Don’t Worry


Many lawyers who graduated in the past ten years are rattled. Computers and automation are coming into the legal industry at rapid speed. There is competitive pressure from non-lawyer service providers. Clients are getting smarter while demanding more for less. And all the while the legal job market is shrinking. 

If you’re in this same boat, don’t worry, you’re not alone and you’re not too late. Spend some time exploring Associate’s Mind to get an idea of how to get ahead. 

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Associate’s Mind Helps You Level Up Your Career


My readers and community are the reason Associate’s Mind has thrived for eight years (and counting). If not for everyone reading, sharing, and talking about how to be a better lawyer, then Associate’s Mind wouldn’t exist. In 2017 I built a dedicated community for like-minded lawyers looking to grow their careers – LawyerSmack

In one year hundreds of lawyers signed up. Over a million messages were exchanged. Hundreds of referrals were made. Plus there are member discounts, meetups, and more. We’d love to have you join us.