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Social Media Subpoena Guide 2015 Edition

I initially wrote about how to subpoena various social media sites back in 2011. Seeing as it has been a few years I thought it was time to provide an update. It’s worth noting that almost every site you attempt ...

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Why You Probably Suck At Twitter (You Don’t Cheat)

A couple of days ago I received an email encouraging me to cheat. It was from Twitter. Here is the pertinent part of the message: Twitter was offering two methods of advertising. Neither involved any sort of ad placement or banner placement. Rather they ...

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You Don’t Own Anything – Instagram Edition

I’ve already told you about how you don’t own your video games. I’ve already told you about how you don’t own your books. And if you haven’t already heard, while you do own your photos, you’re licensing them away for ...

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The Best Social Networking Site For Lawyers

  This past week I spent significant time at what I believe to be the best social networking site for lawyers. While I was there saw a former law school professor who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. ...

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Flash Mob Riots: Crime in the Age of Twitter

Crime, in the age of Twitter, comes to appear as a form of cartel – that needs busting. – Will Davies, Research Fellow at Oxford University, in reference to the on-going riots in London. Much has already been written about the ...

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