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Why You Probably Suck At Twitter (You Don’t Cheat)

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A couple of days ago I received an email encouraging me to cheat. It was from Twitter. Here is the pertinent part of the message: Twitter was offering two methods of advertising. Neither involved any sort of ad placement or banner placement. Rather they ...

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You Don’t Own Anything – Instagram Edition


  I’ve already told you about how you don’t own your video games. I’ve already told you about how you don’t own your books. And if you haven’t already heard, while you do own your photos, you’re licensing them away ...

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Social Media and Senpai


Over the weekend, Scott Greenfield wrote about the trend in social media that one can be a mentor or be mentored via social media: There’s harm being done here, and that’s why it’s necessary to point this out.  The lawyer ...

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How to Use Social Media to Alienate People


  Don’t say nice things about everyone. Don’t re-tweet that someone re-tweeted you. Don’t thank people for following. Don’t automatically follow people back. When someone follows you and they are obviously a hack – tell them to go away. Tell ...

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Getting Arrested? There’s an App for That


  In the wake of the flash mob riots earlier this year in London, Scotland Yard arrested two teens for “inciting riots” on Facebook. Then two weeks later they arrested ten more. Eventually, two men were sentenced to four years ...

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