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If You Own A Roomba…Can You Own A MurderBot?

In the aftermath of the tragedy of the Dallas shootings this week, one particular detail has caught they eye of many observers. The Dallas Police Department (DPD) killed the shooter with a robot. “We saw no other option but to use ...

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A Blinking Light Locating A Weak Point In An Argument

Many lawyers will spend significant amounts of time reading, analyzing, and deconstructing briefs, motions, and contracts. This requires a significant amount of reading and research. The consumption of volumes of information is part and parcel of being a lawyer. As someone once ...

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Publius & Brutus: The Gun Debate

  In the wake of the horrific tragedy of the Newtown shootings, President Obama is set to unveil new firearm control tomorrow. Firearms evoke a wide rage of opinions from people. Many people favor stricter regulations on the availability of ...

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A Judge’s Mind or 5 Cognitive Illusions of Judges

  I recently got around to reading a whopper of an old law review article that I had been wanting to read for awhile entitled, “Inside the Judicial Mind.” From the introduction: …we conducted an empirical study to determine whether ...

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Law Library of Congress Archiving Blawgs

  Maybe others were aware of this, but I was not. Starting in 2007, the Law Library of Congress began archiving blawgs: The collection has grown to more than one hundred items covering a broad cross section of legal topics.  ...

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No Lawyers, No Forms: Just Data and Algorithms

  As I’ve written about before, there is growing pressure on the legal industry from large companies that are producing standardized “form” documents for consumers at much lower costs than obtaining such documents from a traditional law firm. Yet somewhere ...

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