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Publius & Brutus: The Gun Debate

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  In the wake of the horrific tragedy of the Newtown shootings, President Obama is set to unveil new firearm control tomorrow. Firearms evoke a wide rage of opinions from people. Many people favor stricter regulations on the availability of ...

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Fat + Female = Guilty?

Innocent? | Guilty?

Interesting study was just released in the International Journal of Obesity entitled The Influence of a Defendant’s Body Weight on Perceptions of Guilt. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the influence of a defendant’s weight on simulated jurors’ perceptions of guilt. DESIGN AND METHODS: Participants were 471 ...

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A Judge’s Mind or 5 Cognitive Illusions of Judges

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  I recently got around to reading a whopper of an old law review article that I had been wanting to read for awhile entitled, “Inside the Judicial Mind.” From the introduction: …we conducted an empirical study to determine whether ...

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Researching Circuit Splits

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I came across a new law blog recently, entitled Circuit Splits, focused on splits in appellate courts sitting in different federal circuits. It’s a new blog, but it shows promise. In a recent post, they put up something I had ...

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Law Library of Congress Archiving Blawgs


  Maybe others were aware of this, but I was not. Starting in 2007, the Law Library of Congress began archiving blawgs: The collection has grown to more than one hundred items covering a broad cross section of legal topics.  ...

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