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A Problem Solving Framework For New Lawyers

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Law schools traditionally do thing: teach students to “think like lawyers.” Through the Socratic method and study of case law, law schools give students tools to analyze and understand the law. But as we all know, learning to think like a lawyer ...

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Women Outnumber Men In Law School For First Time

Let’s not bury the lede: I thought it wasn’t going to happen until 2017, but the change happened faster than I anticipated: 2016 is is officially the first year in which women outnumber men in law schools.  55,468 women are ...

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ABA 509 Disclosures For All Law Schools 2016

It’s that time of year again. Today is the annual reporting day for ABA 509 Disclosures for all law schools. These are required public disclosures that all law schools must make as part of their ABA accreditation. I made a series of reports on ...

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Review: 2016 Comprehensive Survey of Lawyer Incubators

Last month, the ABA issued its first ever report on “lawyer incubators.” What is a lawyer incubator you ask? Lawyer incubators have emerged as models that enable newly-admitted lawyers to acquire the range of skills necessary to launch successful practices ...

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LSAT: Don’t Call It A Comeback

Back around 1997, the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) started trending upwards. It generally kept trending upwards until 2009. But then the recession hit in 2008. The subsequent contraction of the legal industry generated volumes of bad news regarding the prospects of law ...

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Law Student v. Law School

Well, one of these cases are finally going to court. Unsurprisingly, in liberal California with its consumer-friendly laws. It’s been years in the making. Law students have been trying across the country for years but have been batted away. The ...

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Bar Exam Tips – February

Lots of nervous, recent graduates from law schools will be sitting down to take the February bar exam next week. For some it might be their first time, for others it’s the 2nd or 3rd time at the rodeo.  It’s been a ...

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2015 ABA 509 Disclosures: Fifty Shades Of Grey

Quietly and without fanfare, the ABA 509 Required Disclosures website was updated with the 2015 reports. December 15th is the required reporting day, but you don’t see it mentioned that often. Law schools are required to post their 509 reports ...

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How to Juggle a Family and Law School

We’re probably a month out from most law schools opening their doors again for the Fall. There is also going to be a new (though smaller) crop of 1Ls heading in those doors. It’s been a few years since I ...

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