Let’s not bury the lede:

I thought it wasn’t going to happen until 2017, but the change happened faster than I anticipated:

2016 is is officially the first year in which women outnumber men in law schools. 

  • 55,468 women are enrolled in law schools in 2016.
  • 54,696 men are enrolled in law schools in 2016.
  • There are currently 772 more women in law school than men.
Women Outnumber Men In Law School For First Time

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  • Men suffered a huge drop from 2015 to 2016. 57,520 to 54,696. -5%
  • Women declined as well, but in much smaller numbers. 56,197 to 55,468. -1%

Men declined in roughly the percentage that I predicted last year. But women bucked their trend line and went to law schools in greater numbers than expected, which gave us this year’s results.

So there you have it. Girls just wanna have law school I guess.

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