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SEO Is Crap

Over at the Legal Blogging Group on Linked In, someone asked the following: “What are your best recommendations to enhance SEO? Have you found a particular method or series of steps to be particularly effective? To what extent do you ...

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Florida Bans Jurors From Tweeting, Blogging, Etc.

A CNet article has a bit of the background. From the Florida Supreme Court, new jury instructions to be adopted statewide: During deliberations, jurors must communicate about the case only with one another and only when all jurors are present ...

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Answer: No.

Will social media kill e-mail? This posts mirrors what has always been my impression of people who think social media/twitter/FB are going to replace e-mail based upon the trending use of the sub-twenty-something set  – they don’t know what they’re ...

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The Irrelevance of the Traditional Media

Zero Hedge recently had an entry on the complete irrelevance of traditional media in the modern world. I’m not certain if traditional/mainstream media is completely irrelevant (I love The Economist), however there are increasingly larger cracks in the establishment. However, the ...

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