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How to Use Social Media to Alienate People


  Don’t say nice things about everyone. Don’t re-tweet that someone re-tweeted you. Don’t thank people for following. Don’t automatically follow people back. When someone follows you and they are obviously a hack – tell them to go away. Tell ...

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Henry David Thoreau On Google Plus


Much ado has been made about the Circles feature on Google Plus. People have been praising it as one of the true innovations and differentiators between it and Facebook, etc.  Mostly because it recognizes that people’s connections to others have varying levels of ...

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The Anticipation of Being Re-Tweeted

pc game

I previously wrote about the gamification of social media services in a piece entitled: You’re Being Played By Twitter. The article touched on the use of engagement statistics and feedback loops in order to draw users deeper into the services ...

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Beware Online Filter Bubbles

When you search, do you get the same results as someone 5 blocks away? 5 miles? 500 miles? Do you filter your Facebook feed or does it do it for you…based on your friends political orientations? Be sure to avoid ...

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Lawyers: You’re Being Played By Twitter


There doesn’t seem to be much available out there about Social Media (SM) from a gamification perspective that is accessible to regular users as opposed to designers or math-types. Certainly not for the legal crowd. Many in the online legal world ...

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