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I run this joint. I like to write, talk, and think about law, professional development, technology, and whatever else floats my boat. I practice law in Birmingham, AL.

Postcards from the Bar: Cornell Law Grad 1965

In this edition of Postcards from the bar Exam we have Victor Rubino, the President of Practicing Law Institute (PLI). PLI is a non-profit continuing legal education organization chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New ...

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Achieving Creative Flow – Mushin

I recently came upon an interesting piece focusing on developing and maintaining “Creative Flow” while reading Bigger Capital. An excerpt: Flow is a concept developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi of the University of Chicago, who has studied the phenomena his whole career… Flow ...

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Associate’s Mind News

Just a quick note that my recent post, “The Top Five Reasons Fail,” was one of the featured stories on this week’s edition of Blawgworld. Blawgworld is a weekly round-up of notable stories from the legal blogging sphere. Technolawyer also ...

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Counseling Clients: Do You Provide Love or Wisdom?

A number of law bloggers recently commented on the 50th anniversay of Harper Lee Collin’s To Kill a Mockingbird. In particular, many have noted their admiration of the character of Atticus Finch and how he has become a sort of idolized embodiment ...

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Do Know Your Answers to These 3 Questions?

In a recent issue of the Harvard Business Review, Professor Clayton M. Christensen (The Innovator’s Dilemma) published a powerful article entitled, How Will You Measure Your Life? In it, Professor Christensen lays out how the strategies he teaches to Harvard Business student for ...

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The Top 5 Reasons Lawyers Fail

Here is the final excerpt from Dr. Robert Jeffery Sternberg’s book, In Search of the Human Mind, written in 1994. In it, Dr. Sternberg lists what he believes to be the twenty reasons why intelligent people fail. Now, regardless of ...

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