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I run this joint. I like to write, talk, and think about law, professional development, technology, and whatever else floats my boat. I practice law in Birmingham, AL.

Amazing And Hilarious Courtroom Transcripts

(WARNING: Strong language ahead) So….maybe you saw that courtroom transcript that I shared yesterday floating around the Internet. THIS IS THE BEST COURTROOM TRANSCRIPT OF ALL TIME. — Keith Lee (@associatesmind) June 22, 2016 It’s pretty incredible really. ...

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How To Lawblog: Establish Trust Through Honesty

At this point almost everyone knows what a blog is – even technophobic, resistant-to-change lawyers. People blog about everything – their neighborhood, recipes, sports, science, and more. And while it took lawyers a bit longer than most, (a few) lawyers started ...

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Review: Altman Weil 2016 Law Firms in Transition

For the eighth year in a row, Altman Weil has released their latest Law Firms in Transition Survey. Conducted in March and April 2016, the Law Firms in Transition Survey polled Managing partner and Chairs at 800 US law firms with 50 ...

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Who Will Disrupt The Disruptors – Part 4

(Note: this is Part 4 of a series regarding Stanford CodeX Future Law 2016 Conference. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.) The final hot issue (so hot) at the conference was the future of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in law. Will A.I. replace tasks done by ...

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Who Will Disrupt The Disruptors? Part 3

(Note: this is Part 3 of a series regarding Stanford CodeX Future Law 2016 Conference. Part 1. Part 2.) “So tell us what’s the difference between ‘naked’ and ‘nekkid,'” she said. “It’s quite simple really,” I replied. “‘Naked’ means you’re undressed. ‘Nekkid‘ means you ...

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Who Will Disrupt The Disruptors? Part 2

(Note: this is Part 2 of a series regarding Stanford CodeX Future Law 2016 Conference. Part 1 is here.) We were sitting around, chatting late into the evening when sensory deprivation restaurants came up. I had heard of the concept, but ...

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Who Will Disrupt The Disruptors?

“I could tell you’re from the South by the way you said ‘naked,'” she said. “Honey, there’s a difference between ‘naked’ and ‘nekkid,’ and I’m fixin’ to explain it to you,” I replied. I hadn’t planned on explaining the nuance of ...

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No Growth Without Risk

This month, there are law students graduating from law school all around the country. If you’re one of them, you’re graduating into one of the worst legal job markets ever. If you already landed a job, congratulations! Bust your ass ...

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LegalTech Moot Court At Codex

A week from today is the Stanford CodeX FutureLaw Conference. There is another ‘X’ showing up again. Their significance remains a mystery to me, but I think we’ll know legaltech has really had an impact on the industry when an ...

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