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Social Media Discovery 2017 Update

social media discovery 2017

I initially wrote about attempting to subpoena social media services way back in 2011. Then I updated my guide in 2015.  That one got lots of attention and has been used by everyone under the sun. I’ve been fiddling around ...

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A Criticism of Cynicism

That’s the classical etymological origin of the word cynic. Today most people define cynicism as an attitude or state of mind characterized by a general distrust of others’ motives.1 And if you spend much time paying attention to current events, a cynical posture is ...

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w.a.i.t. why am i talking

I’ve always been amazed at people who are good listeners. I have a friend who is an amazing listener. When you’re speaking with him – it’s not a back and forth volley of conversation. He’s not waiting for his chance ...

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Speaking At Clio Cloud Conference

So Clio has announced the majority of the speaker line up for its annual event, the Clio Cloud Conference. Yes, #cloud.1This is a in joke for Gyi Tsakalakis. If you don’t have an overabundance of consonants in your name, go ...

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Benefits Of The Bar

bar association benefits beach

This past week I attended the Alabama State Bar’s Annual Meeting and Conference. I was invited to come down and speak about The Twitters social media. There’s a full house at @associatesmind ‘s social media presentation at the #asb17 ...

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2017 Bitcoin Case Law Update

Around this time last year there was a fair bit of noise as to whether Bitcoin is legal money or not, spurred on by Florida v. Espinoza, in Miami, Florida. This pithy line struck a chord with many: The court is ...

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2017 ABA Journal Web 100 Nominations

Things have been slow on the blog front of late due to a confluence of events, but I should be in the clear to get back to regularly scheduled blogging shortly. (Though I continue to remain active on the Twitters ...

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