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Law is Complicated, Yo

  Want deep insight into what the younger generation thinks of laws? The deep and abiding knowledge they have? See this thread on Reddit: Lawyers of Reddit, What are Some Interesting Laws/Loopholes? There are nearly 10,000 posts, of which maybe ...

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No Lawyers, No Forms: Just Data and Algorithms

  As I’ve written about before, there is growing pressure on the legal industry from large companies that are producing standardized “form” documents for consumers at much lower costs than obtaining such documents from a traditional law firm. Yet somewhere ...

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Wal-Mart Efficiency With Neiman Marcus Feel

[In the future] The lawyers who succeed will combine Wal-Mart Efficiency With Neiman Marcus Feel. So says Thomas Morgan, a law professor from George Washington University, to the Florida Board of Governors and the Young Lawyers Division board at their recent joint ...

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How Should Young Lawyers Conduct Themselves Online?

For the unaware, there is a lawyer-centric blogging platform/service called Lexblog, which is geared towards providing a turn-key solution to blogging/SEO/social media/etc . The CEO of the company is Kevin O’Keefe, and he maintains a blog called Real Lawyers Have ...

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What Judges Think of Lawyers – From Judge Posner

Back in 2008, Judge Richard A. Posner and Professor Albert H. Yoon sent out a survey to a number of judges seeking to determine how lawyers are perceived by the judiciary. Recently, they published their findings in the Stanford Law Review. The abstract: Studying the ...

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