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Do You Need To Have A Red Team?

Litigation can be a battle. You marshal your forces and attack the opposing party. But there is a long lead time from the filing of a lawsuit to the commencement of a trial. During that time you lay out your strategy. How ...

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What It Feels Like To Be A Client

  It’s easy for lawyers to become entrenched in their position and lose the perspective of someone not well-versed with the law. They lose perspective on what it feels like to be a client. Clients usually come to a lawyer ...

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How Not to Make Informed Decisions

  A couple days ago Consultant’s Mind had a post on on the book Nudge. Nudge puts forth the argument that while people think they are making informed choices, more often than not they are relying on default choices. Essentially ...

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Negotiation 101: The First Steps

One of the reasons Americans loved Saturn cars was the “no-haggle” policy — which, to an Indian, is code for “let’s charge these suckers more because they’re afraid of negotiating.” – Ramit Sethi Lawyers do not have the option of being ...

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