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Don’t Settle For Boredom

motivation 3-21-13

Last week over at Above The Law, I wrote a post entitled Grit and a Growth Mindset: It’s the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. A fixed mindset is intimidated by obstacles, sees effort as fruitless, and takes criticism ...

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Allegory Of The Long Spoons


The following is a brief allegory, told from a Jewish perspective. Initially I heard it as a Buddhist lesson. I’m sure there are variations of the tale across many religions, it’s message so universal. Rabbi Haim of Romshishok was an ...

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Busy v. Remarkable

empty cup

  I was recently corresponding with a friend and the topic of extra-curricular projects came up. I rattled off a list of 6 or 7 things I’m doing outside of work.1 Bar committees, speaking engagements, article writing, writing a book, ...

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A Time For Action in the New Year


  A New Year. From my New Year’s post last year, True Victory is Victory Over the Self: People will dedicate themselves to change. They will tell themselves that this year will be different. They will commit to change their ...

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Give Me The Hard Way

fire jump small

  Earlier this week I had a two hour drive, followed by a non-stop five hour deposition, followed by a two hour drive home. It was a long day. A grueling day to some extent. The type of day they ...

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Review: So Good They Can’t Ignore You

So Good They Can't Ignore You cover

  First off: God I hope this book becomes popular. It’s not perfect, but an entire generation needs to hear its message. [hr] I recently received a review copy of Cal Newport’s “So Good They Can’t Ignore You.” Newport achieved ...

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Wet Trail

  Yesterday I went for a run, my usual. 5k. I had given some thought to going further then normal but when I got to the point where I could keep going – the trail crossing over the creek was ...

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On Mentors: To Sharpen Is To Destroy


  When I was an uchi-deshi, there were special classes reserved for senior students called kenshu (“sword sharpening”). During these classes, I would sit in seiza (“proper sitting”) for 30 minutes or so, listening to the instructor lecture on a ...

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Social Media and Senpai


Over the weekend, Scott Greenfield wrote about the trend in social media that one can be a mentor or be mentored via social media: There’s harm being done here, and that’s why it’s necessary to point this out.  The lawyer ...

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True Victory is Victory Over the Self


  An old year falls, a new one rises. People will dedicate to change. They will tell themselves that this year will be different. They will commit to change their appearance, their friends, their family, their job. Goals will be ...

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