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Google, Lawyers, and The End of SEO

google organic search

  For many businesses, their website is their storefront. They want their website to get noticed. But how to to get noticed – how do you stand out – from a million other websites? SEO. If you spend any amount of ...

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Good TED Talks On The Law?


  Over on r/law, a user asked, “Are there any good TED Talks on the law/legal issues? For those unaware of TED: TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, under the ...

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Why You Probably Suck At Twitter (You Don’t Cheat)

fiverr add twitter followers

A couple of days ago I received an email encouraging me to cheat. It was from Twitter. Here is the pertinent part of the message: Twitter was offering two methods of advertising. Neither involved any sort of ad placement or banner placement. Rather they ...

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Fresh Spam, Available From Lawyers.com


  Here is an email I just received, contact information redacted: Keith, I am writing to introduce myself as the new media contact for Lawyers.com, the leading legal website for consumers and small businesses. A division of LexisNexis, Lawyers.com has useful ...

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You Don’t Own Anything – Instagram Edition


  I’ve already told you about how you don’t own your video games. I’ve already told you about how you don’t own your books. And if you haven’t already heard, while you do own your photos, you’re licensing them away ...

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The Hyperlink: A Microtransaction of Trust


  Oddly enough, the internet is actually quite old school when it comes to relationships. Trust is given on first impressions. It’s essentially all a handshake deal. How Google Works A PageRank results from a mathematical algorithm based on the webgraph, ...

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Law is Complicated, Yo


  Want deep insight into what the younger generation thinks of laws? The deep and abiding knowledge they have? See this thread on Reddit: Lawyers of Reddit, What are Some Interesting Laws/Loopholes? There are nearly 10,000 posts, of which maybe ...

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