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Why You Should Run Towards Danger

fire jump

I was around 21 years old, training in martial arts at a rapid clip. Dedicated and progressing quickly. I was two ranks below black belt. The test for the next rank was coming up. My instructor encouraged, almost demanded, that ...

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ABATechShow 2015


So this week I’ll be in Chicago for the ABA TechShow. What is the ABA Techshow you ask? Technology is becoming fully integrated in the practice of law. Our legal work is now more dependent on the use of technology, ...

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Live CLE Class, Atlanta Georgia – Beer & Sports (Law)

outkickcle large photo

On Monday, March 30th, I’ll be presenting a portion of a CLE, Beer & Sports (Law), presented by Outkick CLE. You may have noticed that Outkick CLE recently became a sponsor of Associate’s Mind, that’s their logo over there in the ...

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PSA: Changing Email Subscription Providers


Just a quick PSA. I’m changing email subscription providers from Google Feedburner to MailChimp. The general consensus for years now is that Feedburner is a dying service full of bugs, but I’ve been too busy/lazy to sit down and make ...

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Imagination > Plastic

Just a box

So Christmas has come and passed. My five-year-old son received a boatload of presents. A huge RC monster truck. Transformers. A RC helicopter. Puzzles. Legos. A Power Wheels Mini-Cooper for him to drive around in. An iPad mini (his schools ...

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The Great Conversation: Brunelleschi, Failure, and Invention of the Renaissance

Florentine skyline from across the Arno.

Keith has talked a lot in this blog about the difficulties in establishing oneself in practice coming out of law school, the insecurity and/or feeling of failure that young lawyers experience, the dedication and ethic(s) required to succeed, etc. Recently, and from ...

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4-Year Blogiversary


It’s been all quiet on the Western Front here the past month due to being too busy with work and other projects to keep updating, though I have still been writing my weekly column at Above The Law. But things ...

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