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You Don’t Own Anything: Vernor v. Autodesk

you dont own anything

Corynne McSherry over at the EFF’s Deeplinks Blog posted a breakdown of a recent decision from the Ninth Circuit in the matter of Vernor v. Autodesk, D.C. No. 2:07-cv-01189-RAJ (PDF download of opinon). In a triumph of legal formalism over reality, the ...

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A Lawyer’s Despair

“No, I’m Not Dead Yet – Just thinking about it all the time. A collections agency person called me several times at work today.  He made sure to let the receptionist know why he was calling.  He represents the good people ...

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Earlier this month I was contacted by Carey Ransom, the CEO of in regards to my report on my first month of blogging (available in the sidebar at the right). We spoke a bit about transparency, and the lack ...

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Postcards from the Bar: Cornell Law Grad 1965

In this edition of Postcards from the bar Exam we have Victor Rubino, the President of Practicing Law Institute (PLI). PLI is a non-profit continuing legal education organization chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New ...

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Counseling Clients: Do You Provide Love or Wisdom?

A number of law bloggers recently commented on the 50th anniversay of Harper Lee Collin’s To Kill a Mockingbird. In particular, many have noted their admiration of the character of Atticus Finch and how he has become a sort of idolized embodiment ...

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