The Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Initiative and the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS) at the University of Denver just released a new tool called Law Jobs: By the Numbers™.

lawyer jobs graphs“This tool is a natural outgrowth of the law school employment data that is now available,” said Alli Gerkman, incoming director of Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers and IAALS’ project leader for Law Jobs: By the Numbers™. “It lets the users create their own rates and, because we have made the formulas completely transparent and accessible, it teaches them how different criteria can impact the employment rates reported by schools, publications, and organizations. It’s an incredibly powerful and transparent tool for tomorrow’s lawyers.”

Users can “choose their own” formulas to tailor employment rates and prioritize the jobs that are valuable to them, like whether bar passage is required, whether a position is full time, or whether a job is funded by the law school. Even more detailed weights and factors can be applied before using the formula to compare schools, compare years, and compare how this unique formula stands up against those from leading publications and organizations. Graphic representations of results are also available. Law Jobs: By the Numbers™ was developed in partnership with the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, an Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Consortium school.

A nice feature of the tool is that in addition to allowing users to develop their own formula for ranking, it also comes with the four leading rankings built in so you can see how they compare to one another: US News, National Jurist, National Association for Law Placement, and Law School Transparency. I’d go with LST’s numbers.

Access the tool here: Law Jobs: By The Numbers ™


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