Expecting The Worst

assume chalkboard

A few days ago I received a head’s up that a lengthy, research-heavy post I had written here at Associate’s Mind had been “scraped” (i.e stolen), with copyright intact and was appearing at another website. Nothing too out of the ordinary really, it happens regularly when ...

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What Is More Important Than Winning?

ivan fernandez anaya

Lost among all the other news of the past month, a story slipped through the cracks that deserves recognition. A story about the integrity of Spanish runner Ivan Fernandez Anaya.  Two weeks ago, on December 2, Spanish athlete Iván Fernández ...

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Your Reputation for $15

Joan Jett- Bad Reputation - front

The following is an email I just sent to a young man wanting to become a marketing strategist/consultant of some sort. It also includes a different email that I sent to a law firm a couple of days ago. [hr] ...

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Customer Service…or Whatever

starbucks hipster barista

My wife and I walked into a local Starbuck’s. It was moderately full but there was only one other couple in line. I placed our order after the couple in front of us (tall, skinny chai; extra hot) and sat ...

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President Lincoln On Practicing Law


  Surprisingly, Slate managed to highlight something interesting this week in their new history blog. Notes from the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, likely in preparation for a lecture to be given to a congregation of new lawyers. ...

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Taking the Oath

hugo black building

  I’ve taken an Oath before, when I first swore in as an attorney. This week, I took a second one: I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of ...

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MLK Day – From Birmingham

This Morning

  Normally I take my son to his early school in the suburbs during the week. But he’s been sick this weekend with a fever so I took him downtown to my wife’s hospital this morning to stay in their ...

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Becoming A Good Lawyer Requires Failure

Read in reverse order, from bottom to top.

So, as I’m sure most of you probably already know, Joseph Rakofsky has once again emerged from the shadows to test the bounds of reason, good sense and the law by filing…whatever the hell this is. If you’re not familiar ...

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