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Social Media Subpoena Guide 2015 Edition

I initially wrote about how to subpoena various social media sites back in 2011. Seeing as it has been a few years I thought it was time to provide an update. It’s worth noting that almost every site you attempt ...

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Class of 2013 Job Results: All Schools

I was chatting about the ABA 509 data over in r/lawschool the other day when redditor bl1nds1ght mentioned that he had compiled all the employment data for the class of 2013 from the good folks over at Law School Transparency. He said ...

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ABA Matriculant Data: Schools 51-100

Here is the matriculant data for the next 50 schools. On a side note, I saw at the Tax Prof blog that the Dean of UNLV’s law school recently said, This is the best time to apply and go to law ...

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ABA 509 Matriculant Data: Top 50 Schools

Last week I pulled out all of the data from the ABA’s 509 Informational Reports on the top ten and bottom ten ranked schools. Thigns didn’t look good. In the interest of really getting an idea of how law schools ...

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Do You Need To Have A Red Team?

Litigation can be a battle. You marshal your forces and attack the opposing party. But there is a long lead time from the filing of a lawsuit to the commencement of a trial. During that time you lay out your strategy. How ...

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What Do Firms Look For When Hiring New Lawyers?

This morning I saw on the Legal Skills Prof Blog that a new paper was released on SSRN by Professor Neil W. Hamilton entitled Changing Markets Create Opportunities: Emphasizing the Competencies Legal Employers Use in Hiring New Lawyers (Including Professional Formation/Professionalism). I ...

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