Earlier this week I had a two hour drive, followed by a non-stop five hour deposition, followed by a two hour drive home. It was a long day. A grueling day to some extent. The type of day they don’t tell you about in law school (likely because the professors have never been near such a thing).

At a Warrior Dash two weeks ago.

But honestly, I enjoyed the hell out of it. It was fun. I truly enjoy being a lawyer. Not because I’m passionate about it – but because I can throw myself into the work. I spent all day Sunday at the office with another lawyer preparing and rehearsing for the depo. Then we spent all day Monday with a third lawyer preparing for the depo. Having the opportunity to be able to fully and totally pour all my energy and thought into solving a problem is the best part of being a lawyer.

And I can’t imagine every wanting easy problems. I want the hard ones. The difficult ones that rack my brain. The kind that wake me up at 2 AM with thoughts of a case racing through my mind. I want to delve deep and consider the strategy and tactical decisions to keep the other side off balance.

Seek out the hard problems and cases. The difficult problems in life are the ones that will invigorate, energize, and push you to new stages of professional and personal growth. Rise to the occasion and don’t settle for anything less.

As Frank A. Clark said,

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.

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