I like to think of Facebook as this game where you try to see who can fabricate the most believable lie in a competition to see who has the best “life”. It’s like permanently showing off vacation photos with everyone you work with…

From Comical Concept.

Or an illustrated version of the Rakofsky Effect.

Don’t exaggerate your life, your experience, or status in order to impress others or win clients. Be honest and upfront about who you are and what you’re about. Let your work speak for itself.

Shut up about your “personal brand.” Your brand is only the first step; the foot in the door. That’s it. This sudden obsession with developing a personal brand is insane. No one cares about your brand. Let me say that again: No one gives a damn about your brand. Marketers and social media/branding gurus may say otherwise, but they are merely trying to justify their own existence.

You know what matters for lawyers – anyone really? Their reputation.

Your brand is what you say about yourself, but your reputation is what others say about you.

There is no way to self-create a reputation – or at least no way to buy a reputation that lasts. Reputation is developed through hard work, consistency, reliability, and integrity.

That last one real trips people up. Integrity is not that popular of word in the 21st century. Look at the general mess available on TV: reality shows, celebrity divorces, and back-stabbing politicians. Integrity has seemingly faded from the daily lexicon. But for anyone looking to develop a reputation that matters, integrity is essential.

Integrity does not involve subscribing to some Aristotelian level of ethics. Instead, integrity is unity of behavior in thought, word, and action.

Having integrity and consistently and reliably delivering quality work will eventually ensure that other people will speak highly of you – you don’t have to do it yourself.

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