Finding the right person to speak at your event can be difficult. 

Organizers and event planners must deliver real value to attendees. You can’t have boring speakers droning on about themselves. And while big ideas are nice, what you really want is for the audience to leave saying to themselves, “That was awesome, I can’t wait to try it this out.”

That’s where I can help your event. I’ll energize them with my presentations while giving them practical and immediately usable advice, ideas, and information. Together we can make your event a part of everyone’s list of must-attend conferences.

Speaking Topics


For law firms, law schools, and bar associations, I regularly speak on the following:

  • Professional Development – A Move To Systematic Improvement: Learn how to develop a continually methodology of improvement over the course of your legal career.
  • Transitioning From Law School To Law Practice: Learn how to successfully make the jump from law school to being a lawyer. I literally wrote the book on this topic for the ABA.
  • Social Media For Lawyers – What Works, What Doesn’t – Learn how to make you law firm’s social media presence stand apart and make a real impact.
  • How Lawyers Should NOT Conduct Themselves Online – Lawyers behaving badly. A conversation about the ethical use of social media.
  • Social Media Discovery – Overview of the current state of discovery issues relating to social media services.


I also speak regularly to non-legal groups; generally bloggers and software developers.

  • Common Legal Issues Facing Bloggers: “Ignorantia juris non excusat” – Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Yes, your must comply with the law even if you’re just a small time blogger.
  • Common Legal Issues Facing Start-Ups: Lawyer up before you startup. Too many startups just start doing things without thinking about the legal ramifications. Don’t fall victim to easily avoidable mistakes.


  • “More than any other speaker, Keith seemed to “get” what practicing law involves.”
  • “Engaging, fun.”
  • “Keith Lee was awesome.”
  • Upbeat, fun, entertaining.”
  • “Hilarious and great insights on community engagement.”

Selected Past Speaking Engagements

  • IAALS Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers 2017 – Co-chair of conference
  • Clio Cloud Conference 2017 – LawyerSlack: Building A Community
  • Alabama State Bar Annual Conference 2017 – Social Media For Lawyers
  • Charlotte Bar Association 2017 – Social Media Discovery
  • ABA Business Section Mid-Year Meeting 2017 – Educating Transactional Lawyers
  • Liberty Law School 2017 – IAALS Foundations For Practice Study
  • Mitchel-Hamline Law School Law Review Symposium Keynote 2017 – IAALS Foundations For Practice Study
  • Birmingham Bar Association Annual Retreat 2017 – Social Media For Lawyers
  • Stanford Codex 2016 – Moot Court 2020 Legal Tech on Trial
  • GSU School Of Law 2016 – Bloggers With Bite
  • OutKickCLE 2016  – How Lawyers Should NOT Conduct Themselves Online
  • Cumberland School of Law 2015 – Social Media For Lawyers
  • Emory Law School 2015 – Social Media For Lawyers
  • Birmingham Bar Association 2015 – Transitioning From Law School To Law Practice
  • IAALS Foundations For Practice Advisory Group Meeting 2015
  • Birmingham WordCamp 2013 – Common Legal Issues Facing Bloggers

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