This month, there are law students graduating from law school all around the country. If you’re one of them, you’re graduating into one of the worst legal job markets ever. If you already landed a job, congratulations! Bust your ass so you can keep it.

Many others are still searching. Filling out applications, reaching out to their connections, and networking like crazy. Some will be fortunate to find a job, others won’t. Some will hang their shingle, others will give up their hope of being a lawyer and move on to another career.

In all of these situation, landing a job, finding one, or branching out on your own, it easy to tell yourself, “I don’t have enough experience / time / connections / money / etc.”

You are never going to be in the perfect spot. It doesn’t exist. There is no such thing. You are never going to be in absolutely perfect position before you make the jump. That’s why the jump is a risk. And risk is growth.

You have to push yourself to the edge of what you are comfortable doing if you wish to ever get anywhere. Constraints can lead to creativity. Staying firmly in the center of what you are comfortable doing, never venturing out, never trying new things – only leads to stagnation.

There will be self doubt. Trepidation. And that’s okay. If you didn’t have those things you’re foolish.

Embrace your constraints. Make them your advantages. Starting off in your career you are the most adaptable you will likely ever be. You have more options, more avenues available to you than likely any other time in your career. You can work harder and longer than other people.

That’s not to say you should be taking risks with your clients; foolishly biting off more than you can chew. Rather that you need to take on smart risks. Putting yourself in new situations that are outside of your comfort zone. Forcing yourself to grow as a professional with your skills, experience, relationships, and more.

As a young lawyer it’s essential to break out from the pack of other lawyers. To show other people that you are not average. Breaking out from the pack means making yourself visible. Visibility inevitably means scrutiny. It means asking people to take notice of you and what you’re doing.

It might be uncomfortable, but that’s what it takes to succeed.

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