It’s been a couple of years since I’ve made a large scale post on resources for new associates and lawyers, so I thought I would give it updating. But once I got into it, I decided to not go with a half measure and instead make as a robust online resource as I could manage. People and organizations have compiled such resources before, but it’s been awhile since any of them have been updated. It grew too big to be a post, so I made it a dedicated page. You can access it here:

associates mind online resources for new lawyers

I could have kept adding more and more to the page but I finally decided to stop. If there is a resource you think should be included, feel free to say so in the comments below. Or you can hit me up on Twitter. But just because you think you think something should be included, doesn’t mean I think it should be included. This is my curated guide for new lawyers. If I don’t include you, so sad, too bad. Go make your own resource.

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