I mentioned my book earlier this year, but now it’s finally here.

The Marble and The Sculptor is available now.

If you want a guide on how to transition from law school into the practice of law, this is it.

In each chapter (over 40 topics total), I layout everything that new lawyers need to do in order to make the mental and attitudinal shift necessary for become a successful practicing attorney. The book is a result of my personal experience as well as countless conversations and interviews I had with other practicing attorneys – young and old.

If you want to know what works and what doesn’t, I can tell you…

The Marble and The Sculptor doesn’t read like any other “New Lawyer 101” book, which it isn’t. It’s a practical guide for finding your way as a new lawyer, full of ridiculous stories, anecdotes, strategies, and more.

From the back cover:

Let’s face it. The entire legal industry is in a state of flux. If you’re a new lawyer in today’s economy, you’re probably asking yourself one of the following questions:

  • How do I transition from law school to law practice?
  • How do I get a job?
  • How can I find like-minded mentors and colleagues?
  • How do I develop a book of business?
  • How do I become a good lawyer?

These questions weigh on you and keep you awake at night, along with thoughts like “Was going to law school really the right decision?” or “Should I be doing something else with my life?” If you aren’t asking yourself these questions, you are ignoring the world to your detriment.

Written from the in-the-trenches perspective of a young lawyer, The Marble and the Sculptor provides a clear no-nonsense path from law school to lawyering. It presents a fundamental understanding of what is expected of new attorneys and a framework for becoming successful—both as a lawyer and in life. With advice on everything from choosing classes that matter in law school to the importance of writing well, attracting clients, and avoiding basic mistakes in your first job at a law firm, this book is destined to become the go-to guide for all young lawyers regardless of law school or area of practice. Simply put, if you care at all about practicing law, you can’t afford not to read it.

“In today’s challenging and rapidly changing legal profession, young lawyers need guidance and advice more than ever. In The Marble and the Sculptor, a very wise and concise book, Keith Lee ranges across many fields, from management to martial arts, to gather insights and tips for his readers. If you’ve spent three years and a small fortune to obtain a law degree, buy this book so you can make the most of your expensive education.”

David Lat, Founder and Managing Editor, Above the Law

“Keith Lee has better ideas about what it takes to succeed as a lawyer than many lawyers with more years in practice. The Marble and the Sculptor is full of those ideas, which are exactly the kind of information and advice law students and new lawyers need as they begin their own law practices.”

Sam Glover, Founder and Managing Editor, Lawyerist

The Favor

I’ve never asked for anything on this blog. For three years I’ve put enormous amounts of sweat equity into Associate’s Mind, never making a dime. There are no ads, pitches, or partnerships. Just me toiling away at the keyboard for you.

But today I will ask a favor: if this book sounds interesting to you, please take a moment to order it today. It’s perhaps the hardest I’ve worked on a single project, and pre-orders are critically important in the publishing world.

The book is on-sale now but will ship on November 5th. Here’s why you should pre-order now:

  • You will not be charged for the book(s) until they ship in November, but ordering (really like reserving) a copy now really, really helps me.
  • What would make a better X-mas gift? Lots of law students just graduated from law school, even more just enrolled. Please consider getting a few copies for your family, loved ones, or best friends. I promise that they will not be disappointed. Ordering now means you can’t forget.
  • Last but not least, your help would mean the world to me. Pre-orders will largely determine how much support retailers give this book. If you’ve ever benefited from my writing on this blog, I would really appreciate your help.

The Marble and The Sculptor is available on Amazon,, and the ABA Webstore.

Note: There is a hardcover edition of the book, but it is only available at the ABA Webstore, and there are limited quantities of them. All have been signed by me. If you want a signed, hardcover edition of the book, the ABA Webstore is the only place to get one.

Thank you!

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