Social media! Social media! Social media! (to be read in a monster truck rally commercial announcer voice a la Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!)

You have to have it. It needs to be plastered all over your website and blog. You have to interact and join every possible service. It’s the most important thing to do because that’s the way people share information!

Except when it’s not.

email share

Whoops. Well, sharing is still very important to people!

social feature important


Err. Well then.

Here’s the thing, most people do not want to be broadcasters. When I want to share something with someone, often times I have a specific person in mind. If I see an interesting criminal law story, I might email it to a criminal defense lawyer I know. Or If I see an article on an interesting development in transactional law, I’ll likely send it to a transactional attorney. Usually with a note wishing them well, that I was thinking of them, a summary of the article, and why it might be of interest to them. Not to say I don’t broadcast things via social media, but rather that real sharing – between friends – is a personal thing. You can’t click a button to make it happen.

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