Want deep insight into what the younger generation thinks of laws? The deep and abiding knowledge they have? See this thread on Reddit:

Lawyers of Reddit, What are Some Interesting Laws/Loopholes?

There are nearly 10,000 posts, of which maybe .01% were actually written by lawyers. Want some highlights?

I guarantee I’ve watched more Law & Order than you, stop citing it. Hearsay doesn’t apply to anything someone being sued/tried for a crime says. It’s a party admission. Like a confession, for example. You think when Det. Benson testifies that the rapist confessed to the crime, the defense attorney can yell, “Objection! Hearsay!” and have the testimony thrown out?

How about this?

It’s been suggested that it’s possible to commit a felony with impunity in the portion of Yellowstone National Park that sits in Idaho. The national park is a federal enclave and does not fall within the jurisdiction of any of the three states it inhabits (Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho). When those states were admitted to the union, they ceded that land to the United States and cannot enforce their laws there. When Congress created the District Court for the District of Wyoming, it decided to place the entirety of Yellowstone Park within that jurisdiction.

Another good one:

If you ever want to mail something…less than legal, pop it into a USPS First Class Envelope.

According to the Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, federal law dictates that the only person who can open first class mail is the addressee. This means that the postal service, and any federal agency cannot inspect/search first class mail.

tl;dr: no one can inspect first class mail. NO ONE!

I’ll leave off with this one:

Interesting loophole that probably doesn’t work at all, supposedly told by a sheriff to a friend’s father on how to avoid a DUI.

Here are the steps:

  1. You’re drunk and you’re getting pulled over. You’re fucked and you know it. Stop the car, roll down the window and throw your keys as far as you can. Hope for 50ft or more.
  2. Swing your legs out the door and out of the driving position (hope you dont get tased for opening the door).
  3. Crack and beer or a bottle of whiskey and go to fuckin town on that thing.

Apparently the cop has no way to tell how drunk you were prior to the drink you took when you stopped, and because your keys are 50ft away and you’re not in the driving position you don’t show intent to drive after having been drinking.

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