If you’re in law school or a new lawyer, you might not have heard the name Marc Randazza just yet…But if you stick around legal, copyright, or technology blogs long enough you will.


  • I don’t know Randazza personally, but I have long admired his work from afar. Mostly for his incredibly entertaining filings and letters. Randazza injects a level of candor and swagger rarely seen in legal documents. Simply put, he is a gifted writer.
  • Randazza is also an ardent defender of the 1st amendment, especially when he disagrees with what you say. It’s a shame more lawyers aren’t as vocal as he is in regards to the 1st amendment.
  • Of course, Randazza is also the attorney for the majority of the defendants being sued by the extraordinarily incompetent Joseph (Jo-Jo) Rakofsky. Poor Jo-Jo, you almost feel sorry for him – but then you look at everything he’s done and just point and laugh instead.
  • Lastly, Randazza’s blog, the Legal Satyricon, is enlightening and entertaining – something tough to pull off. If commentary on free speech and Volkswagen Polka, you need to add it to your RSS reader.


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