Thought I might have time to update while on the road but traveling and schedule has been too hectic (I snuck away for a minute to the Littlest Bar and am posting this from my iPhone). That being said, Boston is beautiful right now. 75 degrees and breezy which is much better than Alabama’s 105 and humid.

It’s nice to have business and practice and blogging take a back seat to friends and family on occasion. But of course, it can be hard to let go. I called the office this morning to check on something. I’ve fired off a few emails. I’m updating the blog now. These things become running processes that you can’t ctrl-alt-del out of.

And that’s okay. I’m concerned about these thing because I’m genuinely interested and care. Its not that I can’t let go – it’s that I don’t want to.

At some point you just have to become passionate about what you do. If not, it must make for a miserable day-to-day. But if you care, it makes your work and life better, even though it might bleed into your “personal” time.

But the same thing happens at work. I text my wife, I check on my son at daycare via webcam. Personal and professional life merge and become one: your life. It’s going to happen regardless. You might as well be passionate and enjoy both aspects of it. Its merely a matter of learning to adjust the balance between the two: when to bring something to the foreground and minimize the other; letting it run in the background.

On that note I’m going to order a pint.

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