One year ago, I started An Associate’s Mind. I had no real intentions or goals. I only knew that I had opinion as to how I personally wanted to conduct myself as a new lawyer. I had interest in the classics, business, information technology, law, education, writing, and research. But I could not find a forum for me to discuss such topics en masse. I decided to create my own. If people wanted to come along for the ride, they were welcome to it.

I did not expect much in the way of traffic. If I was able to get 100 page views in a month I felt as though that would have been a success. Instead I had 2,783. Now I might have that many page views in a single day. But the numbers are not important. What is important is the conversation that an audience allows. Whether here at Associate’s Mind, or on Twitter, or Reddit, or some other blog or news site – I most enjoy the exchange of ideas and new relationships that have come from publishing my writings.

To every person who has subscribed to Associate’s Mind; shared a link to the site; Tweeted about a post; Liked the site on Facebook; left a comment; engaged with me via email – thank you. While I am content to write all on my own, engaging with you has helped sharpen my ideas, refine my positions, and keep me honest. The site wouldn’t be what it is today without you.

A Look at the Past

Whether you are a new subscriber or old, I’d like to take a moment to point out what have been some of the most popular or notable posts that you may have missed.

Lessons from the Great Conversation –Cicero Part I

The initial post in the Great Conversation series. I’ve gotten away from this series, much to my own disappointment. While not the most popular things I’ve posted, I personally enjoy them very much. I love reading the classics and having and on-going series helps keep me on task with my reading and not let it fall on the back burner. Look for this series to be revived shortly.

Lawyers: You’re Being Played By Twitter

This was a post about game tactics being applied to social media services and how they ensnare users into positive feedback loops through the use of engagement statistics. This post resonated with many people and quickly spread beyond the “blawgosphere.” WSJ, Forbes, BostonHerald, The Browser, etc. I also gained over 50 new Twitter followers. : )

Your Laptop is NOT Private or Secure at US Customs

I put this up in response to the USA v. Cotterman decision. It dealt with search and seizure of electronic devices at border crossings. It also contained information about properly securing data and creating strong passwords. This post was widely spread through IT related blogs and websites.

How Should Young Lawyers Conduct Themselves Online?

I don’t remember the exact circumstances surrounding this post, but it was probably in the wake of some social media consultant or legal marketer or young lawyer extolling puffery and rah-rahs in order to make themselves out to be more than what they really were – the Rakofsky Standard. Don’t do it. Be honest. Be yourself.

A Lawyer’s Despair

This was a chronicling of another lawyer that was brutally honest about her situation. She had made it, the career track, everything was smooth sailing. But apparently her partners were lying, embezzling, and backstabbing all the while. The firm dissolved, went bankrupt, and the debt was hung around her neck. She only posted for 8 months, but it was one of the most honest, personal accounts of the dark times of being a lawyer I have read.

An Eye on the Future

The blog has evolved considerably since it first began – and notably for the better. It will continue to evolve as well. In part I want to be able to highlight posts that I think are significant and interesting as well as make it easier to access old content. I also have more regularly scheduled series, free downloadable content, and a few other surprises in the works. As such, look for a complete site design overhaul in the coming weeks. Something a bit more fresh and accessible.

While I’m content to share my own thoughts on professional development, I’m also interested in yours. In the coming months I hope to develop a forum for law students and young lawyers (maybe even a few more seasoned lawyers if they decide to show up). Something private and secure to allow the free exchange of information and help foster professional (and personal) development.

I’m also interested in your thoughts in regards to the direction of the site as a whole. Is there something you want more of? Less? I’m usually not one to ask for comments, but please chime in here. I’d like honest feedback about what you get out of Associate’s Mind. Please share them below in the comments or if you want to respond privately, send me an email at [email protected]

It’s been a wild ride. I’m looking forwards to what the future holds.


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