Sure there is Expedia, Orbitz, and the like but in seemingly no time a new travel site has come along and become the darling of travel nerds:


It introduced a really great interface for searching for flights and hotel travel – far better than what other websites have been doing – with a focus on the user experience. Big deal. Lots of people have built a better mouse trap; it’s getting it in front of people that is the problem. Fortunately, one of Hipmunk’s founders is @knOthing, the co-founder of Reddit. So he knows a thing or two about building an audience (Reddit being roughly the 150th most popular website in the world. 10s of millions of visits a week)

knOthing put up a post this morning entitiled Everything you wanted to know (and more) about marketing hipmunk in which he addresses how Hipmunk managed to generate so much buzz about their product so quickly.

It’s not some ridiculous SEO scheme. It’s not link-spamming blogs. It’s not social media. It’s really a very simple concept that most people fail at:

“we do everything like we give a damn”

Full stop. That’s it.

H/T: @legalnomads 

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