FYI – In case you were unaware, large swaths of Alabama were just decimated by tornadoes. See:


I live in Birmingham and our home managed to remain relatively unscathed, but the surrounding neighborhood is devastated.

The Atlantic has a photo essay up showing more of the damage.

#33 is about .5 kilometers from my home.

Glad to have made it through OK, though I am wondering if I should take it as ominous sign upon passing the Bar on the same day.

The death toll is hovering around 130 with 1000s injured and numerous homes and businesses lost. People are going to be hurting from this for some time. Hope any other Alabama readers are safe out there and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

If you’re in a giving mood, go here for a list of local charitable organizations.

Or visit the State’s Official Tornado Relief Fund here.

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