From Reuters/ MSNBC:

Over a three-week period in November and December, Reuters Legal monitored Twitter, reading tweets that were returned when “jury duty” was typed into the site’s search engine. Tweets from people describing themselves as prospective or sitting jurors popped up at the astounding rate of one nearly every three minutes.

Many appeared to be simple complaints about being called for jury duty in the first place, or about the boredom of sitting through a trial. But a significant number included blunt statements about defendants’ guilt or innocence. “Looking forward to a not guilty verdict regardless of evidence,” one recent message stated. Read another: “Jury duty is a blow. I’ve already made up my mind. He’s guilty. LOL.”

Last month, a person using the Twitter name @JohnnyCho wrote that he was in a pool of potential jurors in Los Angeles Superior Court, and tweeted, “Guilty! He’s guilty! I can tell!” In later tweets, @JohnnyCho said he was picked for the jury and that the defendant was convicted.

Because the jurors sure are.

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