FYI – The Supreme Court of the United States begins its new term today. More than likely few of us will ever stand before the court or have any real dealings with highest judicial office in the land. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care. As lawyers it’s our responsibility to keep abreast of what goes on at SCOTUS – not only for ourselves, but for our clients and friends. People expect lawyers to be aware of the law, to care and have informed opinions on national issues they hear about in the news. And we should. Not because it’s a good way to break the ice, or make light cocktail conversation, or impress people with your knowledge. But because the decisions that come down from SCOTUS are Important. Because being a lawyer is more than just a job, it’s a true passion for the law and we should want, we should need, to follow what’s happening at the cutting edge of the law and push ourselves to remain intellectually engaged with the current events of the highest Court in our system.

How to do this?

Easily the best resource for information on SCOTUS.

Personally, I’m interested in FCC v. AT&T.

Issue: Whether Exemption 7(C) of the Freedom of Information Act — which exempts from mandatory disclosure records or information compiled for law enforcement purposes when such disclosure could reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of “personal privacy” – protects the “privacy” of corporate entities.

Last term the Court told us that corporations have the right to free speech. Now we’ll find out if they have the right to privacy.

Anyone else have a case they are particularly interested in that’s pending before the Court this term?

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