Just a head’s up to everyone, I’ll be hosting Blawg Review this upcoming Monday.

What is Blawg Review?

But what about Blawg Review, specifically? For those whose posts are reviewed, it’s an opportunity to get seen and linked by other legal bloggers. For the hosts, it’s an opportunity to gain exposure to the audience of regular readers of Blawg Review. Many will be motivated to participate just because it’s a good way to help others, who might be new to law blogging, to get discovered and find a wider audience for their blawgs.

There are only two standards we ask Blawg Review hosts to maintain:

1. The title of the Blawg Review in each host blawg shall be simply: Blawg Review #[insert consecutive issue number].

2. At the end of each hosted review there shall be a sentence that reads: Blawg Review has information about next week’s host, and instructions how to get your blawg posts reviewed in upcoming issues.

Between those standard requirements, each host is free to organize and present the Blawg Review, without restrictions on personal creativity. That said, personal creativity does not include license to reinvent this wheel, or to experiment with a different day of the week to publish Blawg Review, or to split the Blawg Review into chapters or parts published beyond the date scheduled for the host. It is the concept of Blawg Review, within reason, to be inclusive of all posts submitted for review in the week prior to each issue.

If you are a blogger and think you might have some interesting posts from the past couple weeks, please send them my way via my email address to the right. Or if you have just read any interesting blog posts from the past couple weeks, please send them my way as well.

I’ll be working on it all weekend, so feel free to send them anytime over the next couple of days.

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