Interesting breakdown on Gen Y/Millennials found here, from The Jury Expert. Quick excerpt:

Case themes

a. Millennials led very structured and protected early lives. Themes of how investors/plaintiffs/trainees were not protected, trained or supported may resonate with them. Betrayal of trust is a serious violation. The trial theme trifecta of T-L-C (training, leadership and communication) can be especially powerful.

b. Connection is important to the Millennials. They value family, friends and coworkers. Case themes that speak to the value of relational connection will likely resonate with them as well.

c. Tolerance is a strong suit of many of the Millennials. When your case benefits from tolerance of differences–Millennials may be a good bet.

d. Millennials want ‘fulfilling work’, not merely a job. They want to ‘make a difference’. Themes of ‘meaning’, ‘righting wrongs’ and ‘fairness’ will resonate with them. They are idealists.

e. Millennials are much more concerned about privacy than we think. Case themes that emphasize privacy violations will resonate with many of them.

The whole article is interesting and particularly relevant if you are 30ish and under (like myself). Go read the whole thing.

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