Ok, last chart for awhile. I’m a lawyer, all this math is making my head hurt.

I was speaking with someone yesterday regarding the decline in law school applications from top universities. She asked if I had numbers on colleges where the application rates to law schools have gone up, and if they were weaker/lower ranked ones. I didn’t but I said I would look into it. So I dove back into the LSAC data (pdf) and here’s what I came up with:

Big File. Click for larger version.

Big File. Click for larger version.

First off, this is limited to school that have had double digit increases. There are lots of schools that had only small increases. I also left out Kaplan University, which has had ridiculous 8000% increase due to only opening its doors a few years ago.

I’ll have to be honest – I haven’t even heard of some of those schools before. So to answer the question “where have the application rates to law schools have gone up, and were they weaker/lower ranked ones?” Yes.

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