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Site News: New Columnist – The Great Conversation


I’m pleased to announce a new semi-regular column is going to be appearing on Associate’s Mind.

I have, since nearly the site’s founding, provided occasional commentary on the Great Conversation. I love the Classics and the insights they provide. The Classics are not a snapshot but rather stones thrown into the great lake of history; their ripples felt to this day.

In an effort to provide more regular commentary and reflection on the Great Conversation, I decided I needed to invite someone who has spent many years studying the Classics. No search was needed, I immediately turned to one of my oldest friends, David L. Smith.

David does not have a formal degree in antiquity. Instead, he has a BS in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from Yale (lol, nerd) and went on to become a radiologist. During his day-job he is more apt to write articles like: Disseminated Histoplasmosis in an Immunocompetent Patient. Seriously, that’s on his CV. Ugh.

But in his free time, David’s passion has always been the study of ancient history. When I posted a picture of myself on Facebook on the beach reading The Republic, it was met with a chorus of “lame,” “dork,” etc. David was the sole dissent with “great beach reading material!”

I could think of no one better to come in and provide commentary from time-to-time on the Great Conversation. Look for a brief introduction by him, followed by his first column this coming Monday. I’m looking forward to it.

David & I at Stonehenge, 2000.

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