Here we have the final installation of Postcards from the Bar Exam – Ithaca Law Grad 1988 (Part I here Part II here Part III), kindly provided to me by Carolyn Elefant of My Shingle. I will let her parting words stand on their own.

A Last Postcard from the Front. Deep down, I’m troubled when I can so easily equate the bar exam to a European holiday. Admission to the bar is a serious business in a society where lawyers play an increasingly dominant role. And so, my postcard to the bar examiners from my vacation is this: I want you to really test whether I’m qualified to practice law. Give me an indigent single mother who, along wither her four children is being evicted from her apartment, and evaluate how I defend her in City Court against her landlord. Hand me a corporation’s proxy form and see if I’m able to determine if it meets with the S.E.C.’s grueling filing requirements. Let me write an amicus brief to a federal court on the death penalty or school integration cases, and tell me, as bluntly as you like, if my arguments are persuasive. In this way, the bar examination can be more than a European junket; it can be an educational and worthwhile journey.

And by the way, wish you were here!
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