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Social Media Subpoena Guide 2015 Edition


[11/09/2015 NOTE: I’m in the process of updating this Guide for 2016. I’m updating and expanding it to a full ebook on social media discovery / evidence. It should hopefully be the best one-stop shop for getting up-to-speed on social media discovery when I’m done. ...

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Why You Probably Suck At Twitter (You Don’t Cheat)

fiverr add twitter followers

A couple of days ago I received an email encouraging me to cheat. It was from Twitter. Here is the pertinent part of the message: Twitter was offering two methods of advertising. Neither involved any sort of ad placement or banner placement. Rather they ...

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Social Media and Senpai


Over the weekend, Scott Greenfield wrote about the trend in social media that one can be a mentor or be mentored via social media: There’s harm being done here, and that’s why it’s necessary to point this out.  The lawyer ...

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How to Use Social Media to Alienate People


  Don’t say nice things about everyone. Don’t re-tweet that someone re-tweeted you. Don’t thank people for following. Don’t automatically follow people back. When someone follows you and they are obviously a hack – tell them to go away. Tell ...

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The Anticipation of Being Re-Tweeted

pc game

I previously wrote about the gamification of social media services in a piece entitled: You’re Being Played By Twitter. The article touched on the use of engagement statistics and feedback loops in order to draw users deeper into the services ...

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Tweet Your Way To $$$!!!

Why I’m Quitting Twitter (and you should to) was the title of a recent discussion on the Legal Blogging Group on Linkedin. I dip in on occasion to see what’s going on. Usually it’s a mess of rah-rah Web 2.0/SEO/social ...

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