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Site News: Odds n’ Ends

marble and sculptor hardcover

A bit of housekeeping and an update for people new (and old) to Associate’s Mind. Yesterday marked two years since the publication of my first book, The Marble and The Sculptor: From Law School To Law Practice. Writing the book was difficult ...

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PSA: Changing Email Subscription Providers


Just a quick PSA. I’m changing email subscription providers from Google Feedburner to MailChimp. The general consensus for years now is that Feedburner is a dying service full of bugs, but I’ve been too busy/lazy to sit down and make ...

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4-Year Blogiversary


It’s been all quiet on the Western Front here the past month due to being too busy with work and other projects to keep updating, though I have still been writing my weekly column at Above The Law. But things ...

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Site News: Miscellaneous Edition


Friday, end of the week, time to relax! Or just continue working over the weekend (which is what I’ll be doing for part of it). Anyway, a few odds and ends that I wanted to mention. Above The Law Column ...

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Site News and Snowpocalypse


Just a quick update. For those not aware, I live in Alabama. The state was caught by a surprise snowstorm that caused the city to basically shut down these past few days. I wrote about a bit of my experience ...

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Disconnect to Recharge


Sometimes you just have to walk away for awhile. I’ve been quiet here at Associate’s Mind for about a month. This usually happens around the holidays every year to a greater or lesser extent. Time away from work. Time with ...

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Associate’s Mind 3.0: 3rd Anniversary


Roughly three years ago I started this blog with very little expectations. It has blossomed into something much more than I had originally intend – for the best. In order to help it continue to grow, it’s time for a ...

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Subscribe and Update


  As Seth Godin noted today: With the much-heralded demise of Google Reader, millions of people are about to be left at the mercy of a blended, algorithmic mash of incoming news. Instead of picking what they’ll see and when, ...

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The Great Conversation: Around The World We Go


I’ve always liked old things, so when I embarked on my Curriculum during my fourth year of medical school (screw studying Medicine), I was right at home.  I had always felt that I couldn’t fully appreciate anything without first understanding ...

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