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The Great Conversation: Around The World We Go


I’ve always liked old things, so when I embarked on my Curriculum during my fourth year of medical school (screw studying Medicine), I was right at home.  I had always felt that I couldn’t fully appreciate anything without first understanding ...

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Site News: New Columnist – The Great Conversation


  I’m pleased to announce a new semi-regular column is going to be appearing on Associate’s Mind. I have, since nearly the site’s founding, provided occasional commentary on the Great Conversation. I love the Classics and the insights they provide. ...

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The Power(lessness) of Attorney

pen signature

  This past week I drafted my first power of attorney. For those unaware, a “power of attorney” is a written authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter. The person authorizing ...

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Force Majeure

FYI – In case you were unaware, large swaths of Alabama were just decimated by tornadoes. See: I live in Birmingham and our home managed to remain relatively unscathed, but the surrounding neighborhood is devastated. The Atlantic has a photo essay up showing ...

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Blawg Review on Monday

Just a head’s up, I’ll be hosting the latest round of Blawg Review this upcoming Monday. For the unaware: Blawg Review is the blog carnival for everyone interested in law. A peer-reviewed blog carnival, the host of each Blawg Review decides which of the submissions ...

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Site News: Three Months In

Bit of navel gazing here, back to our regularly scheduled posting shortly. Today marks 3 months of An Associate’s Mind! A few things all happened at the same time this week so I thought I’d highlight them: This is the 100th post. ...

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Associate’s Mind News

Just a quick note that my recent post, “The Top Five Reasons Fail,” was one of the featured stories on this week’s edition of Blawgworld. Blawgworld is a weekly round-up of notable stories from the legal blogging sphere. Technolawyer also ...

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