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Fat + Female = Guilty?

Innocent? | Guilty?

Interesting study was just released in the International Journal of Obesity entitled The Influence of a Defendant’s Body Weight on Perceptions of Guilt. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the influence of a defendant’s weight on simulated jurors’ perceptions of guilt. DESIGN AND METHODS: Participants were 471 ...

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The Artifice of New Technology

ibooks highlight

  All the lights were out. I was laying in bed, next to the rhythmic breathing of my wife’s sleep. The only thing illuminating the dark room was the faint glow of the iPad’s screen. I turned pages through the ...

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Your Memories Are Lies


  Remember that party from college? That crazy time where we went and picked up the security guard from our apartment complex on the Strip at 2 am? And instead of picking him up, we ended up going out with ...

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The Anticipation of Being Re-Tweeted

pc game

I previously wrote about the gamification of social media services in a piece entitled: You’re Being Played By Twitter. The article touched on the use of engagement statistics and feedback loops in order to draw users deeper into the services ...

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