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The Great Conversation: Digital Minds in an Analog World


  Over the years, I’ve noticed an incongruity in the way we think and the way the world works. We like to put things in categories, even if the nature of those things doesn’t call for such groupings or accept ...

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Fat + Female = Guilty?

Innocent? | Guilty?

Interesting study was just released in the International Journal of Obesity entitled The Influence of a Defendant’s Body Weight on Perceptions of Guilt. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the influence of a defendant’s weight on simulated jurors’ perceptions of guilt. DESIGN AND METHODS: Participants were 471 ...

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The Artifice of New Technology

ibooks highlight

  All the lights were out. I was laying in bed, next to the rhythmic breathing of my wife’s sleep. The only thing illuminating the dark room was the faint glow of the iPad’s screen. I turned pages through the ...

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Your Memories Are Lies


  Remember that party from college? That crazy time where we went and picked up the security guard from our apartment complex on the Strip at 2 am? And instead of picking him up, we ended up going out with ...

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The Anticipation of Being Re-Tweeted

pc game

I previously wrote about the gamification of social media services in a piece entitled: You’re Being Played By Twitter. The article touched on the use of engagement statistics and feedback loops in order to draw users deeper into the services ...

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