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Social Media Discovery 2017 Update

social media discovery 2017

I initially wrote about attempting to subpoena social media services way back in 2011. Then I updated my guide in 2015.  That one got lots of attention and has been used by everyone under the sun. I’ve been fiddling around ...

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Is Wikipedia A Reliable Legal Authority? (2017 Update)

Back in 2014, a Twitter exchange with Judge Dillard prompted an article on AboveTheLaw discussing the reliability of Wikipedia as a resource. Which was an update to a post I wrote back in 2011. As it’s been a few years, it’s time to see how some recent ...

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A Problem Solving Framework For New Lawyers

problem solving lawyers

Law schools traditionally do thing: teach students to “think like lawyers.” Through the Socratic method and study of case law, law schools give students tools to analyze and understand the law. But as we all know, learning to think like a lawyer ...

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Can You Assault With A Tweet?

Until information comes out on how the deposition between Eichenwald and Twitter went, this will be my last post on the topic for awhile. But here’s some final food for thought. To recap: Assault With A Deadly Twitter, Part 1 Assault With ...

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ABA 509 Disclosures For All Law Schools 2016

It’s that time of year again. Today is the annual reporting day for ABA 509 Disclosures for all law schools. These are required public disclosures that all law schools must make as part of their ABA accreditation. I made a series of reports on ...

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Review: Clio Legal Trends Report 2016

For the first time ever Clio, the leading law practice management platform, has released its Legal Trends Report. Clio describes the report as: …the first ever data-driven report on the legal industry. It’s aimed at helping lawyers understand how the ...

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What Skills Do New Lawyers Need? 24,000 Lawyers Answer

The legal profession continues to reel from bottoming out in the late-2000s. It’s never fully recovered. For those who somehow still think this is hyperbole, I prepared a visual to help you understand, courtesy of information from the U.S. Bureau of ...

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If You Own A Roomba…Can You Own A MurderBot?

In the aftermath of the tragedy of the Dallas shootings this week, one particular detail has caught they eye of many observers. The Dallas Police Department (DPD) killed the shooter with a robot. “We saw no other option but to use ...

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