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Overcoming Doubt


I distinctly remember the first time I was hired by a new client. I was nervous as hell. To be perfectly honest, I felt like a fraud. I had done work for new clients before while I was an associate at ...

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Tell Me About FindLaw: Spam, Contracts, & Bullying

boo findlaw

Yesterday a legal start-up I had never heard of put up a rather interesting story. LawDeeDa aims to be a social network for lawyers (yes, another one). No comment on their name or business model, but what they shared was ...

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Buying Convenience and Building Reputations

shifting competitive advantage

There was a post on Harvard Business Review a few days ago titled When Marketing is Strategy. It discusses the shift in focus at many companies from “upstream” activities to “downstream” activities.   Which is true in many respects, but ...

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Avvo: Spamalicious

crap avvo website

Texas criminal-defense lawyer Mark Bennett has been on a tear recently. In a series of posts, Bennett systematically cuts through the arguments for “revenge porn” statutes, displaying why any such statute would likely be held unconstitutional: Six Ways to Screw ...

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3 Steps To Owning Your Mistakes

mistake oops sign

  One of the great, unspoken realities of being a new lawyer that is never mentioned in law school is that you are going to screw up – badly. And then you’re going to have to explain it to your ...

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