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Millennial Jurors: Entertain Us

Rome's panem et circenses

“If a generation is going to arrive in the jury box that is totally unused to sitting and listening but is using technology to gain the information it needs to form a judgment, that changes the whole orality tradition with which ...

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After Action Reviews For Legal Matters

It’s been a long case/matter. There were a number of false starts and wrong turns. Mountains of discovery documents. The client was difficult. The opposing counsel was worse. Long periods of research and late nights at the office drafting voluminous ...

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Deposition Tricks: The Dirty Dozen

Just saw this over at Overlawyered. (You read them right? They’re great.) “Deposition Tricks: The Dirty Dozen” by Neil Dilloff of DLA Piper. The following practice tips probably will be of the most use to younger litigators. To the more senior ...

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Initiative, Change, & GTD – Self-Management for a New Lawyer

I wanted to highlight a bit about developing the initiative necessary to make changes in our environment and personal habits. Often times people mis-manage their time in all areas of their life – personal, work, housework, emotionality, physically, etc. Or worse, they are not even ...

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Free PDF of Yesterday’s Intuition Post

Just a quick note. I had an inquiry from an attorney for a more easily printable version of yesterday’s intuition post. I went ahead and put together something quickly and sent it to him. After I thought about it for a moment, ...

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