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Annual Planning For Lawyers – Reference Guide

annual planning for lawyers future

I was walking around a shopping center in early November and there were already holiday Christmas decorations hung up everywhere. Thanksgiving seems like it has almost been completely subsumed by the winter holiday season. Which is unsurprising really. Thanksgiving is, well, about giving ...

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Client Service Is Not A “Frill”

service sign

Law students and new lawyers are often concerned about what it takes to stand out and be successful as a lawyer. Law schools place a heavy emphasis on the technical aspects of being a lawyer. Critical thinking, analysis, drafting, etc. ...

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Bad Forbes, Bad


For some reason or other I had clicked over to Forbes this morning to read an article. As I finished reading the article, I noticed the popular posts tab at the top of the page. “Why not?” I thought. I ...

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Are You A Hunter Or A Farmer?


In David Maister’s book, Managing the Professional Firm, he makes an observation that most professional firms fall into two categories: Farmers and Hunters. Farmers: …like [farm] communities, these firms deliberate about what crops to sow, arrive at a (gutsy) decision, ...

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A Critical Factor For Success: Accountability

chaos is a ladder littlefinger

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle The  trick is not holding other people accountable – but holding yourself accountable. It’s the central starting point of developing an appropriate professional ...

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How Not to Make Informed Decisions

Hick's law graph

  A couple days ago Consultant’s Mind had a post on on the book Nudge. Nudge puts forth the argument that while people think they are making informed choices, more often than not they are relying on default choices. Essentially ...

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