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Bad Motion v. Good Motion: Motion to Compel


When writing a motion to compel for a judge, you want to make it persuasive. You don’t want to make it a chore to read. Honorable Randy Wilson, a District Judge out of Texas wrote an article in the Advocate juxtaposing two ...

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Jury Duty: A Lawyer’s Journey

Jury Duty badge

A couple of weeks ago I received a summons to serve as a juror. My first one ever. Lawyers usually don’t like jury duty because we almost always get struck. It’s a waste of our time. But as I’m not ...

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The Secret Ambition of Every Brief


While researching something completely unrelated, I came upon a brief article by Justice Maria Rivera (First District Court of Appeal, Div. 4, CA) regarding writing briefs for appeals entitled: The Ten Commandments of Brief Writing. Before delving into the “Ten Commandments”, Justice Rivera ...

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Burn Bryan Garner’s Books


  Burn anything that Bryan Garner has written.  He really knows his stuff, but Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style said it all.  Besides, Garner, Scalia, and Posner pissed me off when they got into a juvenile cat fight over a book about rules.  Not ...

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A Stranger’s Judgment

lawyer comfort zone

  I’m in Florida on vacation at the moment. Warm sun. Not a cloud in the sky. Crystal clear water. So naturally, to start the vacation off on the right foot, I went out and found a local gym to lift weights. ...

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What Is The Most Important Element Of Legal Analysis?


I’m still on my SSRN kick for whatever reason, deep diving into obscure law review articles whose totals reads don’t amount to one days traffic on Associate’s Mind. It’s a shame really as there are some worthwhile articles crammed in ...

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Taking the Oath

hugo black building

  I’ve taken an Oath before, when I first swore in as an attorney. This week, I took a second one: I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of ...

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A Judge’s Mind or 5 Cognitive Illusions of Judges

Screen shot 2012-04-18 at 1.32.09 PM

  I recently got around to reading a whopper of an old law review article that I had been wanting to read for awhile entitled, “Inside the Judicial Mind.” From the introduction: …we conducted an empirical study to determine whether ...

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